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Apr.2014 - Mar.2015

Doctor Thesis
Rie SETO   (2015-03-xx)
Daisuke HARADA Laboratory and field studies on the transition process of riverbed configurations (2015-03-xx)
Master Thesis
Masashi MINAMIDE Improvement of Understanding of the Asian Summer Monsoon Variability by Theoretical, Analytical and Numerical Approaches
Kai NAGANO Feasibility Assesment of Various Project Schemes for Water and Sewage System Installation among Developing Countries -Literature Review on Case Studies-
Yushi SUZUKI Drought Assessment by an Integrated Framework of Eco-Hydrological Model and Multi-Regional-Sectorial Economic Growth Model
Yosuke HASHIGUCHI Impact of River Characteristics on Patterns of Water Accidents in Rivers
Hidetoshi MAEDA  
Wen-Shin LIN The Effects of River Bed Grain Size Distribution and Drop Structures on Sediment Dynamics – A Case Study of Midaigawa River and Oomukawa River
Junpei ASAI Relationship between Sedimentation Pattern and Shape of WANDO Created in River Channel
Graduation Thesis
Saaya AKITA 地形による農業水利形態の類型化と人口減少がもたらす変化の予測
Yu OSHINO 山間集落における人々と河川の関わりに見る地形・地質別特徴 ~人口減少下で想定される河相の変化~

Apr.2013 - Mar.2014

Doctor Thesis
Cho Thanda NYUNT Development of Statistical Bias Correction and Downscaling Scheme for Climate Change Impact Assessment at a Basin Scale (2013-09-27)
Sixto A. DURAN-BALLEN Integrated Monitoring and Simulation of Snow Amount and Snowmelt Runoff in Mountain Region (2013-09-27)
Master Thesis
Hendra Ramdhani Characteristics of River Meandering Process Focusing on Cross Sectional Shape and Sediment Dynamics
Roobavannan MAHENDRAN  
Aina OTA Assessment of Disaster Prevention Investment for Decreasing Economic Damage by Integrating Dynamic Equilibrium Model and Flood Model ~ Towards Contributing to Policy Making for Disaster Prevention~
Eiichi KATANOZAKA A study on subsurface flow dynamics inside gravel bar : Focusing on the texture of riverbed material in gravel bed rivers
Atsuo KAWAGUCHI Analysis of How Boulders Influence Sediment Movement and Its Mechanisms at Mountainous River
Takahiro TSUNEKAWA  
Masato HINO The Characteristics of Inter-annual Movement and Transformation of Gravel Bars in Asakawa River
Graduation Thesis
Hiroaki IKEUCHI  
Kin'ya TORIDE A Basic Study on Spatial Heterogeneity of Soil Moisture by Combining Active and Passive Microwave Remote Sensing and Land Data Assimilation System
Atsushi YAMAMOTO 山地の地形・地質が渓流の河道特性に及ぼす影響
Shin WATANABE 山地河川に見られるステッププール構造が有機物の堆積に及ぼす影響

Apr.2012 - Mar.2013

Doctor Thesis
Felix Nzive MUTUA Integrated Climate Change Impact Assessment and Extreme Event Forecasting in the Lake Victoria Basin (LVB) (2013-03-25)
Master Thesis
Agus Santoso Relationship between Sediment Dynamics and Width Depth Ratio of the Channel Cross Sections in Lower Reach River
Yu ITO Effects of gravel shape on the sorting process in middle reaches of rivers
Yohei SAWADA Developing Dynamic Vegetation Model in an Integrated Hydrological Model and Its Application
Ryo SUGAWA Relationship between Habitat Structure on Riverbed and Basin/Channel Characteristics in the Mountainous Regions of Watarase River
Kazunari NAKANO  
Daisuke MATSUNAGA Effects of weir structure type on sequence of gravel bars
Graduation Thesis
Shotaro NAGAI The Analysis of Subsurface Flow Characterises by Gravel Bar Shapes and the Soil Property
Yosuke HASHIGUCHI Relationship between Meandering Pattern and Characteristics of Riffle-Pool Structure in Rivers with Bedrock Riverbank
Junya HAMADA  
Hidetoshi MAEDA Estimation of Glacier Mass Changes inferred from GRACE Satellite and Numerical Models
Masashi MINAMIDE 大気大循環の偏差に着目したパキスタンにおける渇水・豪雨の季節予測に関する研究
Kengo YAMAMOTO 地形・地質に着目した山地流域の流量特性に関する研究 ~山梨県白州町を対象に~

Apr.2011 - Mar.2012

Doctor Thesis
Syed Iftikhar AHMAD A field and laboratory study on heterogeneous sediment transport model with grain shape effect in alluvial rivers (2011-12-20)
Shakil AHMAD A Study on Extremely Dry and Wet Summer Monsoon in Pakistan by Focusing on the Anomalous States of the Upper Troposphere (2012-03-12)
Kohei YOSHIMURA Dam volume reallocation between flood control and water use as an adapting policy under climate change in the Kino River Basin (2012-03-22)
Maheswor SHRESTHA Towards improved snow and glacier melt simulations in a distributed hydrological framework (2012-03-22)
Master Thesis
Martin GOMEZ GARCIA Study on the evaluation and correction of satellite-based precipitation datasets
Nuryanto Sasmito Slamet Flood Simulations Using a Distributed Hydrological Model Coupled with 1D Hydrodynamic Model
Takashi UEDA Integration of Satellite – Model – Data Assimilation for Supporting Sustainable Groundwater Use in Africa
Fumie KATAYAMA Relationship between geological condition and river landscape in Kanto Mountains focusing on mountainous settlements
Hirofumi KANEKO The mechanism of river water quality formation in hilly area
Shion SAITO Forming conditions and forming processes of riverbed with loose stone on fine substrates for spawning redd of Rhinogobius
Rie SETO Coupling of Numerical Weather Prediction Models, Land Surface Schemes and Satellite-based Data Assimilation Systems
Daisuke HARADA Process of riverbed degradation and vegetation increase focused on gradient inflection point and movement of large boulder
Kimiko YAMASHITA Morphological Characteristics of Riffle-Pool Structures on Gravel Bar and their Determining Factors
Graduation Thesis
Aina OTA ニジェール川上流域(ギニア)における降雨の発生メカニズムの解明と降雨強度の推定
Eiichi KATANOZAKA 流域特性が自然堤防の形態及び土地利用に与える影響に関する研究
Atsuo KAWAGUCHI 河道特性が護岸の被災形態に及ぼす影響とそのメカニズムの解明
Akane SAYA 3次元流動・生態系モデルを用いた、複雑地形をもつ都市河川の水環境改善
Masato HINO 河川堤防の脆弱性を規定する地質・地形的要因の究明

Apr.2010 - Mar.2011

Doctor Thesis
Rasmy Abdul Wahid MOHAMED Development of Satellite based Data Assimilation Systems for Improving the Predictability of Numerical Weather Prediction (2010-09-27)
Patricia Ann Asico JARANILLA-SANCHEZ Quantitative analysis of droughts in Southeast Asian watersheds (2011-03-24)
Master Thesis
Masahiro TAMBA Study on Step-Pool Structures in a Mountain Stream and the Factors that Determine the Structures
Ami TSUBOI Understanding Surface Water and Groundwater Dynamics in the Watarase Retarding Basin Toward Wetland Restoration
Takanobu MIKUNIYA Study on Determinant Factors of Bed-Configurations in Mountain Stream
Eiki YANATA Analysis of soil moisture distribution under microtopography by satellite remote sensing and numerical model
Hiroki YAMAMOTO Development of Model Bias Correction Method for an Assessment of Flood and Drought under Climate Change
Graduation Thesis
Yu ITO 河床材料の鉛直構造分析を用いた浅川中流域の河床環境評価
Takuya KOJIMA 流域地質・地形が蛇行原の河道特性に与える影響に関する基礎研究
Yohei SAWADA 西アフリカモンスーン活動に対する陸域の影響
Ryo SUGAWA Analysis of Riverbed Formation Process in Rivers Downstream of Dams: Focusing on Characteristics of Basin Geology
Kazunari NAKANO  
Daisuke MATSUNAGA H-ADCPを用いた隅田川河口におけるSSフラックスの現地観測

Apr.2009 - Mar.2010

Doctor Thesis
Toru TAMURA A study on the upper tropospheric warming around the Tibetan Plateau and seasonal evolution of the Asian summer monsoon (2010-03-15)
Master Thesis
Hiroyuki IKUKAWA The Impact of River Bank on Substrate Conditions in Pool-Run Sequence and its Forming Mechanism
Maiko IKEDA Optimization of Integrated Water Resources Management in a Large Scale River Basin toward Social Benefit - A Case Study of the Red River Basin in Vietnam -
Hiroaki FUJIMORI Basin Characteristics found in Topography & Bed Material Distribution on Dry Riverbed
Junko WATANABE The effect of basin characteristics in valleys in hilly area on river environment
Graduation Thesis
Takashi UEDA Climate Change Impacts on Groundwater in Semi-Arid Regions by Application of a Distributed Hydrological Model and Satellite Data
Fumie KATAYAMA 渓谷域に自生するユキヤナギの生育環境
Rie SETO チベット高原における対流の挙動と大気加熱プロセスに関する研究 -陸面効果を取り込んだ同化・予測サイクルの出力を用いて-
Daisuke HARADA ハリエンジュの生育特性に着目した多摩川の樹林化河道形成機構
Takuya MATSUMOTO 公共計画への参加による態度の変容過程の分析 -関川流域委員会の活動と合意形成過程を通して-

Apr.2008 - Mar.2009

Doctor Thesis
Kumiko TSUJIMOTO Land-Lake-Atmosphere Interaction in the Lower Mekong Basin and its Effects on Local Water Use (2009-03-23)
Master Thesis
Cho Thanda NYUNT A Modeling and Optimizing System towards Integrated Water Resource Management of a river basin in Vietnam
Kei SAIKI Hydrological Simulation in Upper Indus Basin with Snow and Ice Variation
Atsushi TOMITA Analysis of Summer Heavy Rainfall Variability around Japan under Climate Change
Kazuki MINOHARA Quantitative evaluation of a flood reduction function of forest by numerical simulations
Graduation Thesis
Akihiko URUSHIMA Punatsang川上流域における氷河湖の貯水量の評価 ~氷河湖決壊予測警報システムの開発にむけて~
Hirofumi KANEKO 天竜川-遠州灘流砂系における持続的な土砂管理
Shoichiro SAITO 谷津干潟における栄養塩収支の季節変動に関する研究
Masahiro TAMBA ステップ・プールの河床の形状に着目した河川上流域の粒度特性分析
Noritada NAMBA 景観構成要素の多様度に注目した公有地里山における利用者の景観評価分析
Takanobu MIKUNIYA 山地河川合流部における河床構造の分析
Kimiko YAMASHITA 連続した落差工間に形成される地形特性とその形成機構
Hiroki YAMAMOTO 地球温暖化による気候変動の影響に注目した将来の河川管理のありかた -利根川上流域を事例として-

Apr.2007 - Mar.2008

Doctor Thesis
Hiroyuki TSUTSUI Development of a snow satellite algorithm based on the estimation technique for snow grain size using high frequency microwave satellite data. (2007-09-13)
David Ndegwa KURIA Improving Precipitation Predictability over Land using Multi-parameter Passive Microwave Remote Sensing and Data Assimilation Strategies. (2007-09-28)
Lei WANG Development of a Distributed Runoff Model coupled with a Land Surface Scheme (2007-09-28)
Mahdi ERFANIAN Sensitivity Analysis and Parameter Optimization of Land Surface Models to Improve Surface Flux Estimation (2008-03-24)
Master Thesis
Tatsuya ASAI Characteristic Feature and Forming Mechanism of River-Bed structure in Small-and-Medium-Sized Rivers
Chika KAMEYAMA Proposal on Flood Hazard Mitigation with Local Landuse Planning
Yuki GOTO Atmospheric Climate Changes around Japan Derived from Integrated Analyses on Climate Prediction Model Outputs According to the IPCC Special Report on Emissions Scenarios (SRES)
Takashi SUZUKI Individualities of Physical Environment in the Alluvial-Fan River Channel and their Origins
Hisayuki YOKOTA The effect of physical characteristics in hilly area on forming process of water quality
Graduation Thesis
Yutaka ARAKI AMSR-E海面水温プロダクトを用いた雲微物理データ同化手法の高度化
Maiko IKEDA 治水・利水最適管理を目指したフィリピン アンガットダム操作手法の開発 -GEOSS/AWCIの枠組みを用いた統合的水資源管理の実現を目指して-
Kazutaka INABA 丘陵地小河川における流域景観の構成要因について
Kyosuke ONDA 流域地質が瀬の波立ちに及ぼす影響の解明
Hiroaki FUJIMORI 水みち跡の物理環境に着目した礫床裸地の維持方法の検討

Apr.2006 - Mar.2007

Doctor Thesis
Kazuhiro MISAKA Psychological process and Evaluation structure toward the reconstruction of the relationship between people and rivers (2006-09-14)
Hui LU Development of a Microwave Radiative Transfer Model for a Soil Layer and Its Application to Satellite Remote Sensing of Soil Moisture (2006-09-29)
Oliver Cristian SAAVEDRA VALERIANO Optimization of Dam Operation using a Distributed Hydrological Model and Weather Forecast (2007-03-22)
Master Thesis
Rasmy MOHAMED Assessment of Prediction Skill of Operational General Circulation Models & Land Surface Schemes
Rauniyar SURENDRA PRASAD Characteristics and Mechanism Analysis of Precipitation's Diurnal Cycle
Todd Dean BRACKETT Examination of the Benthic Structure of Riffle Beds And Their Relationship to the Net Spinning Caddisfly
Toru HAYASHI Clarifying and Evaluating Physical Characteristics of Runs in the Middle Reach
Kohei YOSHIMURA Assessment of Flood Risk Potential in Rapid River Basin Including Urbanised Area
Graduation Thesis
Kei SAIKI Toward Effective Use of Snowmelt Water Discharge for Water Resource Management in Semi-arid Region -A Case Study in the Upper Indus Basin-
Atsushi TOMITA 複数の夏季前線性豪雨事例に共通する広域的大気構造の解明
Kazuki MINOHARA 森林が洪水流出低減に果たす機能の定量的評価の試み
Takuya YOSHII 天竜川下流部の土砂輸送における河道内樹林の影響と観測手法の問題点

Apr.2005 - Mar.2006

Doctor Thesis
Hideyuki FUJII Development of a microwave radiative transfer model for vegetated land surface based on comprehensive in-situ observations. (2005-07-21)
Bashir AHMAD Development of a Distributed Hydrological Model Coupled with Satellite Data for Snowy Basins (2005-09-30)
Cyrus Raza MIRZA Development of a Cloud Microphysics Data Assimilation System over Ocean for Improved Precipitation Prediction by Integrating Satellite Data (2005-09-30)
Souhail BOUSSETTA Development of a Land-Atmosphere Coupled Data Assimilation System for Physical Downscaling (2005-09-30)
Master Thesis
Issei KASHIWAI Watershed flood control plan in regional hub city
Nami TADOKORO Research on the settlement of vegetation seed on gravel bars
Naoki WATANABE Mechanism of CPOM deposition and diversity of litter patch types in streams
Graduation Thesis
Tatsuya ASAI 都市河川環境に対する住民の評価構造分析
Takashi SUZUKI 河道形状が河原水際の物理環境に及ぼす影響
Kazuki TSUJINOUCHI Application of a Distributed Hydrological Model to Medjerda River Basin -toward Integrated Water Resources Management under the Framework of GEOSS-

Apr.2004 - Mar.2005

Doctor Thesis
Tobias GRAF Microwave Remote Sensing of Snowfall by Integrating In-Situ and Satellite Data and Model Output (2004-09-30)
Kenji TANIGUCHI A study on the onset of Indian summer monsoon by integration of the earth observation data and numerical simulations (2005-03-24)
Master Thesis
Yuichi IWAMA Research on the Factors which arise the Difference between Sense and Behavior of Resident against River Environment –in Case of Seki-River Basin-
Shuji IWAMOTO Environmental characteristics in riffles focusing on wave patterns
Takuya NOMOTO Investigation of Water Vapor Flow into the Atmosphere over the Tibetan Plateau Using the 3D Satellite Data
Thomas PFAFF Remote Sensing of Snowfall and Cloud Liquid Water Using Ground Based Passive Microwave Radiometry
Graduation Thesis
Tatsuya NAWAMURA 粗度に注目した平瀬の生息場多様性に関する研究
Toru HAYASHI 早瀬における掃流砂の動態に関する研究
Takayuki MIENO 落差工下に形成される淵の魚類生息場特性
Kohei YOSHIMURA A Comparative Study on Organization and Management of River Basin Committees

Apr.2003 - Mar.2004

Doctor Thesis
Nozomu HIROSE Modeling of the heterogeneity of the land surface hydrology in the Tibetan Plateau (2003-09-30)
Pathmathevan MAHADEVAN Development of Land Data Assimilation Scheme by Integrating Remote Sensing and Hydrological Modeling (2003-09-30)
Master Thesis
Shigeaki OKA Effect of Near-bed Flow in Pool-Structure on Aquatic Habitat in a River
Toru TAMURA The Model Based Analysis on the Mountain-Valley Circulation over the Tibetan Plateau
Masakuni TSUJI Evaluation on psychological processes related to flood control and river environment ~Application to the Seki River basin~
Susumu NAKAMURA Microwave Remote Sensing for Detecting the Start of the Snow Melt
Motofumi MIYAKE Classification of Sorting Structure in Riffles
Graduation Thesis
Masato NAKATA タイにおける降水量の変動メカニズムの解明
Eik Chay LOW Study on effectiveness of the integrated reservoir operation in the Upper Tone River using spatial distribution of rainfall
Naoki WATANABE 空間スケールに着目した水際部の流速多様性評価

Apr.2002 - Mar.2003

Doctor Thesis
Takeyoshi CHIBANA Evaluation Method for Fish Habitat Focused on Forming Process of Riffle-Pool Structure (2003-03-28)
Master Thesis
Hiroshi TANIZAWA Integrated Tool of Reservoir Operation for Flood Control Using Distributed Approach
Yusuke HANAHARA Development of an integrated method for analyzing the water cycle variability in various scales
Ryota WATANABE 2-D Analysis of the Energy and Water Budget over the Tibetan Plateau
Graduation Thesis
Gaku SASAKI 河岸のマイクロハビタットに影響する物理因子の検討
Takashi SHIBUYA 植生を考慮したマイクロ波放射計による土壌水分算定手法に関する検討
Tomoyuki TANAKA 漁業関係者の認識を通して見た魚類生息場の質に関する研究
Gakuya TAMAMOTO Analysis of water resources and river dry-up in the Yellow River basin during last 50 years
Taro YAMAMOTO ボーエン比法によるチベット高原の広域的地表面フラックス推定

Apr.2001 - Mar.2002

Master Thesis
Yoishiro IBI Influences of the phase shift between inner and outer levees on the flow structure of a double meandering compound channel
Motoyuki EMURA Development of a Microwave Radiometer Algorithm for Precipitation over Land
Ippei SUZUKI An Evaluation of Riverine Benthos Habitats by Benthic Invertebrates
Kenji TANIGUCHI The Variability of the Monsoon Onset and its Effects on the Water Resources in Asia
Takashi YOSHITANI Basic Study on Psychological Processes and Activities Related to River Environment -A Case of the Seki River Basin-
Graduation Thesis
Chikako KUSUHARA 減水区間解消による河川環境改善効果に関する研究 -多摩川を事例に-
Taiki SEKIGUCHI 新型衛星打ち上げに先駆けた地上マイクロ波放射計による土壌水分算定手法の改良
Yutaka NAKAJIMA 自然復元を目指した景相・魚相に関する研究
Satoshi NAKANE チベット高原の大気加熱に与える地表面フラックスの影響
Takahiro FUKAMACHI 産業連関モデルを用いた河川環境税の波及効果に関する研究
Kohei FUKUZAKI 衛星搭載マイクロ波放射計による積雪量算定アルゴリズムの高度化と検証

Apr.2000 - Mar.2001

Doctor Thesis
G.M. Tarekul ISLAM Three-dimensional Flow Fields in a Doubly Meandering Compound Channel under Steady and Unsteady Flow Conditions (2000-09-29)
Qiang LUO A Distributed Water Balance Model in Large-scale Complex Watersheds (LCW) and Its Application to the Kanto Region (2000-09-29)
Kun YANG A Numerical Weather Prediction Model with Urban Surface Processes and Its Application to the Kanto Region (2000-09-29)
Master Thesis
Daisuke AOIKE Flow Characteristics of Lake Yanaka and Influence of Bottom Sediment on DO Field near the Bottom
Ryo OHTOMO Tree planting on impervious surfaces in urban areas And its effect on remediation of urban heat island
Naoki KURODA Evaluation of riverine fish habitat by a rapid-pool system
Chiharu MORI Long-term prediction of vegetation growth in a floodplain for roughness management
Shohei YOSHIDA Environmental evaluation of Tama river by constructing SEEA of Tokyo metropolitan area
Graduation Thesis
Makoto IMAI 熱帯モンスーンアジアにおける広域気象変動が稲作に与える影響の比較研究
Kakuto TAKEICHI 発電減水区間の実態とその解消のための経済的誘導策に関する研究
Takahide HONDA 複断面二重蛇行流れに及ぼす低水路法線および主堤防法線の位相差の影響
Koyo MAEDA 都市熱環境緩和効果増進を目指した屋上緑化方法の改良

Apr.1999 - Mar.2000

Master Thesis
Ken'ichiro KOBAYASHI Experimental Study of Flow Structures in a Double Meandering Compound Channel
Kenji SHINKAWA Estimation of high water level with probabilistic frequency of water stage influenced by uncertainty of vegetation growth
Takeyoshi CHIBANA Suitability Curves for Fish Habitat Evaluation with a Concept of Environmental Gradient
Graduation Thesis
Nobuhiro IKUTA 魚道の建設が羽村堰直下流の魚類生息域に及ぼす影響の研究
Shotaro KOJIMA 河川環境に対する意識と整備事業の重要度評価に関する研究
Yoshio KOYAMA 屋上緑化による都市熱環境の改善効果の研究
Tasunori SAITO 対流性降雨に及ぼす都市化の影響についての研究
Akie SHINODA 排水路と防災貯水池を用いたメコンデルタの洪水氾濫軽減策に関する研究
Takahumi MARUYAMA 複断面蛇行流れの特性に及ぼす勾配の影響