River and Environmental Engineering Laboratory
To make sound decision about river and water resources management, natural, social and economic sciences need to be integrated with river and water resources engineering.

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[2018-07-10] Prof. Koji IKEUCHI appeared on NEWS ROOM TOKYO of the NHK WORLD – JAPAN
[2018-03-30] REEL Farewell Party
[2018-02-20] Prof. Kato Visited Dept. of Civil Engineering of Yangon Technological University (Myanmar)
[2018-02-20] School of Engineering, UTokyo Signed Memorandum of Understanding with Yangon Technological University (Myanmar)
[2018-01-04] Prof. Kawasaki Presented at the 3rd Asia-Pacific Water Summit (Myanmar)
[2017-12-07] USMCA Excellent Young Researcher Award for Abdul Moiz
[2017-11-23] Global Forum on Science and Technology for Disaster Resilience 2017
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Prof. Koji IKEUCHI

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Takeyoshi CHIBANA

Assoc. Prof. Takeyoshi CHIBANA

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Proj. Prof. Akiyuki KAWASAKI

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